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Within these pages you will find a complete, unified explanation of how a singular Planck energy geometry gives rise to the observed mechanics of Nature, illustrating, differentiating and modelling its inherent geometric properties of mass-ENERGY-Matter momenta to correct the incomplete mathematical assumptions of modern science

[An introduction to Science of the new millenium]

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The unified quantum field geometry of charged EM mass-ENERGY-Matter in motion

"...the scientist makes use of a whole arsenal of concepts which he imbibed practically with his mother's milk; and seldom if ever is he aware of the eternally problematic character of his concepts. He uses this conceptual material, or, speaking more exactly, these conceptual tools of thought, as something obviously, immutably given; something having an objective value of truth which is hardly even, and in any case not seriously, to be doubted. ...in the interests of science it is necessary over and over again to engage in the critique of these fundamental concepts, in order that we may not unconsciously be ruled by them." [Albert Einstein]

Given the range and applied scope of Quantum Physics in today’s modern technological World there remains a driving desire to rationalise our numerous disparate scientific theories into one coherent theory with an intuitive model that can be applied equally to the Quantum and Cosmological scales of our universe.

Such a theory would need to preserve the currently observed outcomes and present established theories in a new light, offering additional testable predictions of its own, and ideally do so in a manner that is simpler than that of the established theories and hypothesises.

Many foundational properties of Quantum Mechanics remain unaddressed by scientific theory and in the following pages an overview of the key quantum properties challenging our current scientific advancement will be highlighted, including a number of assumptions that currently impede the development of a fully realised, coherent solution to all of our current scientific questions.

While Mathematics is the language of Science it remains a language that lacks a well-defined physical model on which to test it and further its many and varied solutions to Quantum & Cosmological scale physics. It is this lack of any rigid, enforceable GEOMETRY that has allowed the development of numerous disjointed statistical and probabilistic solutions to physical problems, in turn impeding our scientific understanding and advancement of quantum processes.

The Standard Model has many observed and testable components to it but more recently new theories have emerged to contest it without being rigorously testable themselves. They rely on the established foundation provided by the Standard Model but try to explain its various deficiencies ad-hoc with various suppositions without any solid footing of their own.

Often the only way to progress further in our scientific endeavours is to retrace our footsteps in science and to develop new physical models on which we can discern our known results and observations thus excluding any false or misleading assumptions (mathematical of otherwise).

In doing so there exists the promise that a simple underlying foundation can be found to the physics of our Universe, revealing new and exciting advances in Science that will allow us to usher in a new age of scientific and technological advancement for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

‘Tetryonics – The charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter’ whose founding principle is that EQUILATERAL Planck energies are the foundation geometry for all quantum mechanical processes is presented here as just such a solution to the current quandaries of Quantum Mechanics."